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Fire Ant Management

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You care about your Stillwater, OK lawn and want to create a safe playing environment for your family. Red and black imported fire ants are invasive pests that will build mounds almost anywhere - in the open or next to a building, tree, sidewalk or electrical box.

Fire ants can’t be eliminated entirely because it’s generally not possible to treat all infested areas. The goal of Stillwater, OK Weed Man’s management program is to preventively suppress fire ants as much as possible. Treatment and timing vary based on the size and scope of the problem area. Fire ants search for food (forage) at a wide range of temperatures and can be found foraging in almost any season.

Weed Man Stillwater, OK professionals are trained to identify these pests and prescribe a proper course of action. Consult Weed Man Stillwater, OK today to schedule your treatment program.